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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 28, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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thank you so much. >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. get goes "on the record" right now. this is a fox news alert. just moments ago, president obama and russian president vladimir putin, two men with a very frosty relationship wrapping up a rare meeting here in new york city. this it marking their first face-to-face in nearly a year. the two world leaders meeting on the sidelines at the u.n. general assembly where earlier today both lashed out at each other in duling speeches. fox white house correspondent live at the united nations here in new york city. kevin? >> greta, you are right. and very interesting, right? that just ahead of this private meeting that has been much talked about the two men using a very public forum to air their long standing differences. both men accusing the other's policies for being the reason for all the unrest in places like syria, for example.
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and i found it in particular very interesting. that the president obama seemed to once again say that he would not have a problem in working with the russians or each the iranians for that matter if it would make a difference in syria. you have to wonder how seriously the russians will take that offer given their position route now, which is to try to prop up the assad regime. greta? >> kevin, how long did they meet? >> surprisingly, quite a long time. now, going into this, we didn't really have an actual readout. we kind of figured they might meet for 15 minutes, 20 minutes. believe it or not, the two leaders we are under the impression they met for at least more than an hour. in fact, i want to double-check. this would you say more than two hours, lisa? 95 minutes is what we are told at this late hour. so that's a real surprise from this vantage point because, as you no, i wouldn't say they are best of friends, greta. >> is there any indication, anyone sort of doing a victory dance that anything was accomplished that either one of these two world
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leaders saw anything in common or seemed to resolve anything or move forward on anything. >> i had a very good conversation with a senior administration official prior to this meeting. and without wanting to give away too much, his position was you should expect very little to happen. you should two minutes to talk about their differences. if you are looking for something to really hang on to as a result of this meeting, you probably will leave this meeting wanting. but, keep in mind, that senior official also told me, greta, that the meeting wouldn't last very long. 15 minutes. maybe 30. it went more than 90 and that could bode well for both then. >> i you saw one thing today both sort of dueling. >> putin asked obama but you can take from in this very little nugget. this will be instructive for everybody listening at home.
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john kerry, the secretary of state meeting with his counterpart several times. so you get the sense that both sides were really reaching out to the other, although officially we are told it was putin who asked for this particular meeting. >> kevin, thank you. and just hours before russian president vladimir putin addressed the u.n. general assembly and met with president obama. president putin sat down on w. "60 minutes." just hours ago putin talked about russia's place in the world and russia's sphere in the region. >> there are those who look at ukraine and georgia and they believe that you do not want to recreate the soviet empire but you do want to recreate a sphere of influence, which you think russia deserves because of the relationship that has existed. why are you smiling? [ laughter ]
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translator: you make me happy we are ambitions hint at something. i indeed said that i believe that the collapse of the ussr was a huge tragedy of the 20th century. do you know why? >> why? translator because, first of all in an instant, 25 million russian people found themselves beyond the borders of the russian state. >> do you think it's normal that 25 million russian people were abroad all of a sudden? russia was the biggest divided nation in the world. it's not a problem? well, maybe not for you. but it's a problem for me. >> form are speaker of the house newt gingrich goes "on the record." good evening, mr. speaker. we certainly had dueling speeches at the u.n. between president obama and president putin and then this met. your thought today about that. >> i think we are seeing a continuing collapse of the obama policy. you now have russia firmly in syria. you have russia, iran and
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iraq working together with syria. all these ares that three or four years ago the president would have deeply opposed. now he is going to have to accommodate a reality that he can't change. >> the news that russia, iraq, iran and syria are working together and share intelligence, we're left out of that equation? is that how you understand it? and, if so, why are we left out of it? >> look, i think we have watched a steady decline of american influence under president obama. the iranians have been trying to develop a regional highthe russians have become their ally. what you are see something a tremendous shift of the power away from the united states and western europe towards russia and iran. and it's a strategic defeat. a very dramatic defeat in historical terms. >> obviously our nation has a deep interest in protecting our ally israel there. but putting that aside just for the moment, does this mean that russia is saying that syria is their problem?
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that isis is their problem and it's not our problem? >> well, i think putin is saying that he is going to make sure that assad survives as a dictator. he is going to cooperate actively with the iranians. he is going to increasingly sell weapons to the iraqis. if we want to hang around, that's fine. we just don't matter very much to him. >> what does that mean for americans? every day americans as they watch this? >> well, that means your country has lost substantial authority and prestige and power that we are in a much weaker position. and that we are running big are risks. >> all right. let me go back to your form are job as speaker of the house. speaker boehner he says i'm out of here. he is getting out o. what do you think about him announcing his resignation it will be effective the end of october? >> i think he was very worn out. i think he also was faced with a rebellion on his right that he couldn't stop and couldn't deal with and i think frankly, we were with him and with debbie when the
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pope was in town. the high point of john boehner's public career will always have been being there with pope francis. i think it meant an immense amount to him. the pope blessed his grandchild. it was just remarkable moment for him. i think sort of that evening he said this is it. it ain't getting any better than, this i'm gone. >> but does he leave the g.o.p. broken on capitol hill and the house? >> no. he gives kevin mccarthy, who is going to be speaker, an opportunity now to step in, actually have better relations with the right, at least for the moment. and maybe it to putting to a new leadership team with energy, new ideas and new drive. the system moves on. there is novak consume, and by a month from now, we'll see mccarthy i think being a very aggressive and very vigorous spooker. >> what can he do differently than speaker boehner? >> i think kevin is a lot more focused on communications. i think you will see him be much more aggressive.
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both in pushing the senate and in taking on president obama. and you have already heard him say that he is committed to, for example, creating a select committee on planned parenthood and the cutting up of babies. that's a signature is can't step in the right direction. he is going to apparently continue his commitment to oppose the xm bank. that's a huge decision and i'm sure will shake corporate america. but i think you are going to see mccarthy pleasant but firm and very smart. this is a guy who has had a very long career in public service and knows the business very well. >> mr. speaker, thank you, sir. >> thank you. vladimir putin not the only world leader with a strained relationship with the united states to address the united nations. iranian president hasan rouhani placed the blame squarely on the united states. >> we will not be for get the past but you we do not wish to live in the past. we will not forget war and
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sanctions, but we look to peace and development. if we did not have the u.s. military invasion of afghanistan and iraq the and the u.s. -- united states unwarranted support for the inhumane actions of the zionist regime against the oppressed nation of palestine, today the terrorists would not have an excuse for the justification of their crime. >> former u.n. ambassador to the united nations john bolton joins us live from the u.n. good evening, mr. ambassador. one of the other meetings that happened today were president putin and iran's president rouhani. what does that tell us? >> well, i think it shows the flow of power across the middle east i think russia has made the strategic challenge the united states for dominance in the region. putin has a strategy. he thinks he knows what
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russia's interests are. our president was floating in the clouds somewhere in his actions over the past six and a half years, i you think have demonstrated a lack of interest in the middle east other than to get an israeli settlement with the palestinians. i think the clearest sign of weakness that putin and rouhani must have been chuckling over is is the vienna deal on iran's nuclear weapons program which signaled a complete surrender by the united states of its key demands. so, good day for rouhani and that comment about the u.s. causing international terrorism gets him the hutzpah of the day award. >> what do you think president obama thinks after today's activities? first he spoke at the u.n. and then president putin. he met with president putin and then rouhani and putin met. what do you think president obama takes away from today? >> i think he believes it's another example of his successful foreign policy in producing american influence in the region. there is just no other explanation for what he is trying to do other than
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reduce our profile and the consequence, of course, is that power abhors a vacuum and putin and rouhani see an opportunity and they are moving to it exploit it that's what russia's new air base in syria is about. that's what the deal is with iraq. i don't like to kuehl it iraq. it's really the rump government in baghdad controlled by tehran. they are showing that they can put together an alliance as ours descent united descent great. >> the alliance being iran, iraq, syria and russia and with the united states left out. so as people across america are watching, it's the same question i posed to speaker gingrich, what difference does it make to americans? let them have the mess so to speak. >> well, the difference it makes is that in an area that's absolutely critical to the world's economy, russia's power influence dramatically enhanced and
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ours is reduced. the threat to the oil producing monarchies of the abeian peninsula both from iran and isis is now enhanced. the arab states and israel. i think are now hedging their bets about america's involvement in the region as a whole. i think you are either going to get greater chaos with all kinds of implications both for israel and for oil prices or greater russian involvement in an area that we have tried to keep them out of for 50 years. the after the meeting between president obama and president putin that russia does not rule out joining air attacks on isis. your thoughts about that? >> >> you know, that contradicts what putin said the other day. clearly, the administration has misunderstood putin and assad for six and a half years. ever since is the syrian civil war broke out the president, hillary clinton, john kerry have all said
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russia will partner with the united states to ease assad out of power. that was never true. it was always wrong. and now you can see the consequences. >> all right. a quick question out of left field. i would rather speak last not first. how is it arranged that president obama spoke before president rouhani. how do they do that from the u.n.? >> because since time and memorial, meaning 1946, brazil has spoken first and the united states has spoken second. why does brazil speak first? i once knew but i have forgotten. >> all right. well, we know he speaks second. ambassador bolton, thank you, sir. and donald trump he better check his remember view g.o.p. voters picked a billionaire businessman and 20% picked dr. ben carson. compare that to july when when trump led with 19% and carson sat in fourth place
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he had only 10%. the "on the record" political panel is now here for the national review murdock and former "new york times" reporter alex baronson. what do you think donald trump is thinking tonight. >> i will try to say something. this campaign has left me speechless. back in memorial day you had scott walker leading the race. he has now dropped out. have you got jeb bush with his family pedigree and $140 million and struggling in fifth place. you have a very quiet surgeon and very loud real estate developer making their first runs for political office ever and the surgeon is neck and neck with the real estate developer. it's amazing and who knows what is going to happen next? most unpredictable. >> i will steal a line that i used last time i was on with you as a novellest, you couldn't make this up. this is great. i you think it is interesting for people i think people are focused on the campaign that haven't been for a long time.
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focused on the election like they. i'm a political independent. i'm not a republican. if i were a republican i would be terrified because neither of these guys can win. >> ever since 2008 when would all went, secretary hillary clinton. i'm not willing to bet on anybody. or bet against anybody. >> i agree it's very early. but the presumptive republican standard bearer is jeb bush and he is at 7%. that sounds like a death spiral. i think carly fiorina might be able to win. i think kasich might be able to win. but the two guys at the top. hillary would smoke them. >> i disagree with that i have seen polls where trump is 2 or 3 points behind her. i remember when he he first declared everyone said it was a joke. laugh it off after a week. and as soon as has to unveil his finances he will decide not to. and then well, first debate. and the guy stayed ahead. still on top. i wouldn't count him out at all. >> he is but has lost that
4:16 pm
10 point lead. >> i think it's significant both outsiders. throw the bum out. anybody who has held office. long way to go. let me ask but this. has donald trump's rise in the poll has begun to slow down. people are beginning to hear how he will make america great again. slash taxes for not just the poor but also the wealthy. >> too few americans are, woulding. too many jobs are being shipped overseas and too many middle income families cannot milwaukee ends meet. this plan directly meets these challenges and the challenges also of business. it will provide major tax relief for middle income and for most other americans. there will be a major tax reduction. >> let me go first to you alex.
4:17 pm
i you think many americans are hearing reduced tax brackets 0 to 4. zero rate for 25,000 and 50 for couple. top rate 25%. americans like to hear that kind of stuff. >> everybody wants lower taxes. on this the republicans have it back warldz and have had it backwards ever since george w. you have to say what you are going to cut. say that first. otherwise, people do not believe -- i mean, not tax rates, what federal programs you are going to cut because george w. lowered taxes and all he did was increase the deficit and obama had to increase them again. >> they haven't scored this thing yet and i assume in part donald trump isn't here to speak for himself. i assume in part he said that bring money back from overseas that many of these corporations have been stashing overseas to avoid taxes, essentially. >> he assumes that that money is somehow going to help make us more revenue neutral. >> that money would help. i think it's about 2 trillion or $3 trillion overseas waiting to go back home as soon as taxes are
4:18 pm
lowered. have the corporate rate dropped from 35 to 15 that becomes much more attractive. simplification and end of the death tax is a good thing. big problem is getting 50% of the public off othe tax rolls. what happens is people who don't pay taxes vote for other people -- vote for goodies paid for the other half who pays taxes. that's a dangerous equation. everybody should have skin in the game. so%. half the people not paying taxes it makes it easy for people to vote for all kinds of stuff. vote for taxpayers to benefit non-taxpayers. >> thank you both very much. battle for speaker of the house is underway. peter rostrum. killed lincoln, killed jfk, even killed jesus. who should work out now. who is bill killing now? i went to his office with camera. bill in his office coming up.
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wants to cut. he wants out. jockeying power. kevin mccarthy announcing his run for speaker. peter rod strm is one of the many republicans vying for position in the republican leadership. congressman rostrum gathered enough support for the closed door meeting to discuss the future of the party. congressman rostrum goes "on the record." nice to he so you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> what's the story is the g.o.p. on capitol hill broken or tent too big to get an agreement? what's the problem up there?
4:23 pm
>> i think we are damaged but we are fix cybil. this is what i moan by that. the idea of not moving and reflecting on the sentencing down of speaker john boehner and moving head on into a leadership position is a mistake. what we have got to do unstead is reflect on this. and think what do we need to do t and move forward. i think that there is some things to do. one of the reasons that i called for a special closed meeting was to sort of pump the brakes on this all the way around. post military engagement. you don't reflect back business loss. we need to reflect before we move forward. >> what does that mean by reflect? i mean, sometimes you can do a whole lot of thinking and hand ringing. what do you want? what do you think is the problem? >> here is what i i think the problem be is i'm going to make this appeal to my colleagues and my hunch is i'm going to hear some things tomorrow, greta, that maybe i have never heard before. other people are going to have suggestions. here is my ideas. the house g.o.p. needs to be
4:24 pm
more aggressive re tore rickly against the administration. in other words, you have got to take the fight to the if you are perceived as fighting the political base says i think you look at the world the way i look at the world and i'm willing to listen to you when you are telling me what the next steps are part of my problem is that the house republicans have been perceived as presuming we are going to lose and then reverse engineering from that loss. and i think people are tired of that. second thing is. >> go ahead. >> there is power in numbers. the problem is, you know, the way that president obama has got, divide and conquer. if you look so disorganized it's very easy. if you really want to achieve something and have some power you have to be united. >> that's right. here is what the second point is is you have got to unite, greta, around the definition of success. right now, there is a wide range of definitions within among house republicans what is success mean? what does it look like? some people say on thing that is successful is if you enact laws. other people say well,
4:25 pm
winning the debate, like margaret thatcher used to say before winning the vote, that's success. other people say this is a prelude to the 2016 campaign and let's help our nominees. we have got to have a shared understanding of what success needs to be. and then i'm going to make an appeal that says we need to go on offense against the administration in a number of areas. the administration has us on defense. let's put them on defense. i'm going to suggest we start with iran. the administration has made a massive mistake. let's hold them to account. i have got some ideas i'm going to share with my colleagues on that. my bottom line is be forward leaning into these fights. if we do, then i think we create goodwill and a level of trust whereas if you go back to the political base and say these are subsequent steps we need to make they can hear what you are saying. >> "yes" or "no," are you going it run for a leadership position? >> i have not made a single phone call pursuing a leadership position. >> that's a dodge. all right. that's a dodge.
4:26 pm
that was a dodge. >> so here is my answer. i have not made up my mind. there is nothing to run for until we change the disposition of the house republicans. if we do, then it can be a great majority. but i think we have got a lot of work to do. >>. congressman, nice to see you, thank you, sir. >> thanks, greta. former secretary of state hillary clinton is in more hot water tonight. chairman of the benghazi committee trey gowdy is here with the latest.
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former secretary of state has claimed she handed over all her emails from the time at the state department. turns out that's not exactly true. the department of defense have found a new email chain between secretary clinton and colonel david petraeus from 2009. during that time petraeus has head of the u.s. central command. joining me is south carolina representative trey gowdy. congressman, nice to see you. and do you have those emails that apparently the defense department found? >> i don't think we have them yet, greta, because they would not be within our jurisdiction. i notice in your intro you cited the most recent example that the public record is not complete. she didn't turn everything over. of course, don't forget there were 15 emails to and from said my blumenthal that she also never turned over to the state department. so this is just the latest piece of evidence that the record is not complete. >> all right. now, just so i understand, perfectly is that the state department is also going through a chunk of emails and turning them over every
4:31 pm
once in a while for you as they go through them as well, right? that's another source of emails? >> well, the state department is going through kind of non-benghazi related requests. foia requests. media requests. and that's at the end of every month. they gave us on friday, over 1,000 pages of her emails that they had never before given us. in fact, it was a larger amount of emails that they gave us friday than what they gave us earlier in the year when they claimed to give us everything. so, less than a month before secretary clinton comes before the committee and three years after benghazi, the state department is still producing emails. >> now, i have given you a little heat in the past because step it up and just get the report done. i do confess i see the problem. you don't have all the emails. you are supposed to interview her on october 22nd. and you are probably not going to get another chance and, yet, you don't have a full sense that you have all the emails. at least these late surprises. do you believe now that you have all the emails and you
4:32 pm
have them in plenty of time before you interview her she comes before your committee? >> no ma'am. we still don't have them all. they gave undecks as part of the litigation there are definitely benghazi emails that they have not turned over and they are not going it turn them over. they cite attorney-client privilege because cheryl mills was an attorney. so we would have to go to court for two years to be able to access that. >> one thing. except cheryl mills was not acting as a lawyer at the state department. she was acting as chief of staff. you can't all of a sudden pull that one out of hour hat and say suddenly attorney-client privilege if had you a different job. >> you and i, if we were ever in the administration, we would just make sure and hire a chief of staff who happened to be an attorney so we never had to turn anything over. but i would have to go to judge to get invocation of privilege no would don't have all the e-mails. yes, i'm going to be interviewing her on october 22nd without all the toments that i'm entitled
4:33 pm
to, and you and i wouldn't go to court like that. this isn't court. at a certain point, you got to talk to -- we talked to mike morell today. i don't think anybody knows that it certainly hasn't been broadcast to the media he talked to mike morell today. we are talking to general flynn tomorrow who is is a very important witness that nobody has ever bothered to talk to. we are doing the best job we can with the limitations placed on us. >> what's the one word that you would use tonight to describe her level of cooperation with your committee. >> i like the world recalcitrant. it has -- it's a moving target, greta. every time she gives us an explanation for why she has done what she done or hasn't done. that information winds up being demonstrably false. at some point under the theory that even a broken clock is right twice a day. at some point she is going to stumble upon something that's accurate but so far she has not. >> congressman, thank you very much for joining us. thank you, mr. chairman.
4:34 pm
>> yes, ma'am, thank you. >> email scandal has been a thorn in her 2016 campaign side and it's turning many americans off o. a brand new fox news national poll finds only 38 % of voters view her favorably. that's a sharp drop from 4 5% back in may. so can hillary clinton overcome her email scandal? democratic strategist joe trippi joins us. good evening, joe. >> good to be with you, greta. >> joe, is this taking any hit on her within the democratic party, this email discussion? >> it took -- it did take some in the beginning but i think it has stabilized within the democratic party. i you think it's definitely her -- well, she was always going to be hurt with production. it's hurt her with independents. it hurt her as far as it's going to hurt her with democrats. it's sort of fall into the 40s looks to me like she is stabilized there. you look at the fox news poll today that has her at 44 and sanders at 30, and it doesn't look like sanders is
4:35 pm
coming up. and i think she has stabilized among democrats. in the 40s and is actually looking pretty strong. >> now, she has made a statement to suggest there might be some of the conspiracy against her. is that how many democrats look at it? because didn't you hear about the story where they just found these emails, the defense department found these petraeus to hillary clinton or hillary clinton to petraeus emails just on friday. and you know, they should have been turned over. i don't know whether they were lost or whatever. you know, makes it a lone wolf playing field. ought to get all the facts on the table. >> the way a lot of democrats saw it is she has made a mistake. they want to wait and find out what the facts are look. any time you have something like this. >> but that's the problem is if you can't get the facts out because, first of all, she has deleted emails number one. number the two state department is going through this laborious process of going through the ones that were surrendered and then we find some other ones over here at the defense department. it does become difficult.
4:36 pm
>> but, greta, the other side of that is that it's obvious that for a lot of reasons republicans have an interest in imagine sure that this keeps going. it's go to go. and it's her fault that it's going to go. i'm not taking anything away from her. so the more republicans push on it, the more it does start to seem partisan. and i think that's what is so important about the 22nd. how she performs there but how -- and also how does trey gowdy and how do the republicans on the committee, how they handle that confrontation i think is going to have a lot to do with how not just democrats but americans see this moving forward. >> joe, i have given congressman trey gowdy a hard time in the past. you may have just heard the interview. i said get this thing done. i moan, hurry up. don't drag it out it will look political is the term i used it is a fact you can't "someone without the underlying documents. the person whether misstalk or deliberately or whatever has managed to make it so you don't have the documents
4:37 pm
she really is responsible for the fact thats this this has dragged out of the it's not gowdy, he would like to get it done but the documents haven't been produced. >> i agree with you she is responsible for why it's dragging on. i think it's going to drag on all the way through november of 2016. we will see ads about it it's going to be politicized it already has been politicized. the mistakes are hers. but obviously when your opponent makes a mistake, you are going to try to push that as hard as you can. that's why it starts to be politicized over time. i really believe october 22nd is a big important moment for her. but as well for the republicans on the committee. how that confrontation works out could either politicize it further or and it might be a moment that she actually does better than stabilize, move things forward for herself in a more positive way. we will see. >> i will take the last word on it right before that, democratic debate which may have some bearing on it as well as we see.
4:38 pm
>> i'm getting the last word on that one. >> okay. >> thanks, joe. "the washington post" reporter jason reyes has been held in iran for a year. iran's president is only a few blocks away in new york city. this would be the perfect time for him to release rezian. any chance? jason's brother goes "on the record" in connection with. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all, my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today.
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. right now three innocent americans, a christian pastor, a u.s. marine and a reporter are being held in a violent prison in iran. iran has no reason to hold these three americans. "the washington post" reporter jason rezian was arrested in july of 2014. he was interrogated, held in solitary confinement. he was accused of espionage and other acts. as rouhani addresses the united nations today, he made no mention of rezian or other two innocent americans being held had. nice to see you, sir. >> thank you for having me back. >> any news on your brother?
4:43 pm
>> we have been waiting five weeks for a verdict. it should have been released five weeks ago because the trial ended. >> it should have happened and it hasn't happened yet. >> the president of iran has hinted that he would work for the release of three americans imprisoned in tehran if united states would free iranians held in u.s. prisons for sanctions violations. how many do you know we are holding in the u.s.? >> i have heard different numbers. around 19, 20. something like that. i don't know. i'm not an expert there. jason is innocent his life shouldn't be cob continue -- contingent. >> made this overture why don't we just release -- we will release three for flee. these are sanctions violations. we released five terrorists for bergdahl. why won't we release three violated sanctions for a reporter, a marine and a christian pastor? >> yeah. i mean, if the sanctions are going down. i don't see why that's not an option there. we don't know what they
4:44 pm
want. we don't know how much they want. we don't know anything. >> but they say they want -- that they want their prisoners in the u.s.s., who by the way had open trials and were convicted. none of the secret stuff that they do in iran. >> yeah. it's amazing that they would try and make that contingent upon jason, his case going forward if that's what they are going to do i'm all for getting jason out. >> good news. we have spoken before. and, this is the first time they have opened the doors. give three back. i don't care. give them three back. three for three. >> i will sign up for that deal. >> how is your mother doing? >> it's tough for her. she is really concerned for jason. doesn't know what the verdict is going to be. she has been there for three months. it's tough in the summerrer. she is concerned and worried about him. >> i'm curious what the viewers think. if you think that we'll release three iranians who are in u.s. jail for sanction violations and we released five terrorists for bergdahl. why not three iranians for
4:45 pm
sanctions out of the 19 for christian pastor. a marine, and a reporter? and by the way i would like to know what bob levinson former fbi as well. thank you, sir. >> thank you for having me. bill o'reilly is no stranger to the best seller list. does he very another best i wentno to his office to talk about killing reagan. that's next. not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't accept is getting out there with less than my best. so if i can go for something better than warfarin, i will. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus it had significantly less
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4:50 pm
>> it is kind of cluttered. 19 years. >> we cleaned it up a little bit, actually. >> you actually did. somebody vacuumed for once. >> talking about new book. we should sort of being being in a different setting than on the factor setting. killing reagan. why did you kill reagan? >> fascinating story that i didn't know. both you and i were around when reagan was inaugurated and he won the presidency. so many things happened after was shot that i had no idea. and so i decided, look, he wasn't killed by the bullet. but it did effects him physically and psychologically to the extent that nobody was really aware of. that's what the book is about. how this assassin's bullet changed the presidency and then ultimately, i think, accelerated his death. >> do you think a lot of reagan people are going to be unhappy with this book? >> some. >> buchanan did an interview
4:51 pm
with me for are c-span she didn't like that i dwelled on some of thing inives. like killing jesus at loaf people were mad about me writing killing jesus we wrote about him as a man not a god. i didn't do the resurrection. same thing we write about ronald reagan as man. every man has flaws. we didn't dwell on them. overall he comes across i think and the amazon reviews the people folks who read it, they are right in with me they admire humor that he accomplished so much after he was almost killed. and that he rose up. he summoned something within humself. and the other thing about reagan is that he wasn't a phony. most politicians as you know they are phony all day long. not reagan. all right? because he i have a lot of personal letters in my collection written by reagan. he stayed true. he stayed true. and that comes through in the book. so, overall, if you are looking at reagan as a human being, you will love the book. if you are looking at reagan
4:52 pm
as some kind of deitiy, mythological figure then you might have some problems with it. >> all right. how many killing books have you done so far. >> this is number five. >> i asked you before you wouldn't tell me hot sixth one is. there will be a sixth one coming. >> we have three more to deliver. the reason we can't say when we announce then other people then write the book. there was actually a book killing jesus that was put out a few weeks before the real book killing jesus. we luke to keep it secret and a surprise. we have three more and they are all the same way. we put you right there in the oval office. right there on the operating room, right there at the ranch, i write what i call investigative history. and there has not got to be in there something that folks don't know for me to do it. reresearch first. and then the research came back, it was so fascinating to me i said we have got to do this. and we actually frogged reagan with the other book
4:53 pm
that we got coming out next september. we were going to issue this september. the research was so strong we said we have got to get reagan out plus election year people want to be reminded about a politician who really, really made this country better no doubt about that top ten of all presidents. how did do it when he was so grievously hurt? how did he do it? >> this makes it to the big screen, i suspect it will. >> it's already been signed. >> who playing reagan? >> we have a couple of people in mind for reagan. i will tell you i like johnham playing reagan. i think he will be fabulous in it. i probably blew the deal. i think he would be just terrific. we have other people in mind as well. >> thank you very much. fascinating read. killing reagan. have you killed another one. have you killed another person. anyway, thank you, bill. >> thanks for having me. >> and you can order killing reagan on amazon or pick it up at your local bookstore and see my entire interview
4:54 pm
with bill o'reilly on reagan go to my facebook page bill o'reilly. one step close tore finding out if life exists on mars. nasa scientists announcing they have evidence that confirms both frozen and liquid water exists on the red planet''s' surface. this nasa animation shows dark nasa says were flowed by salty water. this barack through could point to some kind of life form on mars. and coming up, do you know what is contagious in washington? better hope you don't catch it. my off-the-record next. that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business.
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4:59 pm
but, it turns out our politician does not have a monopoly on d.c. dysfunction. their conduct may be contagious now spreading just blocks away from chul to the washington nationals a major league baseball team one player who just gave a new meaning to the beings pressure a sports team choking. >> lifts we sure like what they are saying but this is -- this is not good, obviously. >> that is jonathan choking bryce harper in the team dugout yesterday. the nationals suspended him four games without pay. combined with three games suspension throwing pitch at opposing player. his season is now over. but, remember, how i lament that d.c. is the city notify real consequences. his punishment for choking teammate was dolled off after the nationals were eliminated after playoff suspension. choking with no cons scwnses. and a note to major league baseball. we are not that dumb. we know a fast one. that's my you've the record comment tonight. thanks for being with us. see you tomorrow 7:00 p.m.
5:00 pm
go to facebook page. full interview with bill o'reilly. good night from new york city. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> that's what they are really upset about. americans less white, less married, less churched, less conservative. >> the left leaning media says the republican party is basically driven by racism. that's false but there is a huge split in the g.o.p. brit hume and i will analyze. >> it reduces or eliminates most of the deductions and loopholes available to special interests and to the very rich. >> in other words, it's going to cost me a fortune. >> donald trump unveiling a new tax plan. we will tell how wins and who loses. according to trump. >> it will me the most significant tattoo you have on you right now. >> nothing i have on me means anything. >> also ahead, jesse watters going to a


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